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Life Insurance

There is no financial instrument that is superior, or can even equal, life insurance as a mechanism of providing a sum of money at the time of a death, in exchange for previously established periodic contributions (a premium). The payment of a claim on a life insurance policy is most valuable. This is particularly the case if the death occurs during the stage in life when a person is still generating income from their work and that money is needed to cover the family living expenses. Do not wait until it's too late and leave your family unprotected!

Many types of life insurance exist, with different alternatives and prices. There are very inexpensive plans that offer coverage exclusively. These seek to maximize the amount of insurance and minimize the cost. Other policies accumulate money and earn interest, potentially producing a cash value over the long term, which can be used in the person´s lifetime, in addition to providing coverage. Additionally, some policies even return all insurance premiums paid at an established time in the future. There is a plan for every budget and every financial plan.

With over three decades experience in the life insurance business, let us assist you in the purchase of this most indispensable financial tool. Family goals, such as keeping a home, educating a child, meeting basic expenses, etc., may be truncated by the death of anyone in the household who is contributing income to the household budget or providing a domestic service.

As a result in part of better mortality rates life insurance coverage is now cheaper than ever. There is no excuse for not securing the future of your family! Call us today for a free quote.


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